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10 ATM. What does 30 meter water resistance mean on a watch? Then assume that your watch is water resistant to 3 ATM. To be sure This has everything to do with the meaning of ATM (atmosphere) and Bar (Pressure) on watches.

01.12.2008 · From the link below: WATER RESISTANT 30M (3 ATM / 100 Feet) * Protected in everyday life, bathing, accidental splashes, short swimming or car washing - it is resistant against perspiration, water vapor, rain drops. It is tested for water resistance up to 3 ATM, and must be able to survive 30 minutes under water at a depth of 1 m (3 feet

According to DIN, describing a watch as being “water resistant to 5 bar” or “5 atm” means that the tested watch is able to withstand a pressure of 5 bar for a 

What Does "Water Resistant" Mean? | The Time Bum 30m, 3 atm = Splash resistant. Ok for rain, hand washing, other occasional contact with water. 50m, 5 atm = Suitable for swimming, fishing, other outdoor activities. 100m, 10 atm = Suitable for snorkeling and other prolonged contact with water, but not for scuba. 200m, 20 atm = Finally dive worthy! At least for recreational skin diving. What Does a 'Water-Resistant' Watch Really Mean? | ACTIVE Instead, it's a pressure test in a laboratory that's comparable to static water pressure, coupled with immersing in 10 centimeters of water for one hour. The official measurement is atmosphere (ATM), which is equal to 10 meters of static water pressure. Keep in mind that watches often come in contact with water pressure that is anything but What dose water resistant 3 atm & 5 atm & 10 atm mean? - YouTube 20.12.2017 · 5 Watch Styles Every Man Should Know | Men's Guide To Dress, Dive, Aviator, Field & Racing Watches - Duration: 8:02. Real Men Real Style 1,025,918 views What do the water resistant numbers like 30M, 50M - Kids

"3 ATM" on a watch is a pressure rating for 3 atmospheres (a unit of pressure equivalent to three times Earth's atmosphere) which is roughly equivalent to 30 meters (~100 feet) of water resistance 3 ATM, 5 ATM, 10 ATM: Wie wasserdicht ist meine Uhr? Das bedeuten die atm-Angaben bei Uhren 3 bar oder 5 ATM bei Uhren: Schwimmen erlaubt? Die Angabe, ob eine Uhr wasserdicht ist, findet sich in der Regel auf der Verpackung, dem Handbuch und dem What does water resistant mean? | The Watch Browser What does water resistant mean? If a watch says it is water-resistant to 100 meters, it doesn’t mean you can swim 100 meters below the surface. This is the most common misunderstanding, and one of the most common reasons why a watch goes to pot. Assuming that you’re not aware of different water resistance levels, here is a short guide to Wasserdichtigkeit – Wikipedia 3 bar ≈ 3 atm (≈ 20 m) Die Uhr hält Wasserspritzer aus Die Uhr hält eine begrenzte Zeit einen Druck von 3 bar (entspricht 30 m Wassersäule bzw. ca. 3 Atmosphären) aus 5 bar ≈ 5 atm (≈ 40 m) Duschen ist möglich Die Uhr ist auf eine Wasserdichtigkeit bis 5 bar geprüft, was dem Druck einer angenommenen Wassersäule von 50 Metern

So what is the difference between water resistant and waterproof watches? Actually, no watch is waterproof. As stated previously, there are several resistance classifications that help consumers identify when and where it is best to use their watches. Watches can be used according to different limitations based on their water resistance levels (ATM Meaning?) Everything you need to know - ATM is a detail included in the specs for most watches, but there are a surprising number of people who don’t know what ATM meaning is. ATM means atmospheres. Simply put, ATM is an abbreviation of the word atmospheres, and it is used to rate water resistance in a timepiece. As you are probably aware of, there are different types of watches Water Resistant Watches - Explanation of the meaning of water The notation of water resistance to a given depth (e.g. 30m, 50m) is based on the fact that the case has been designed to withstand a static laboratory test to the stated depth for short periods only. Most water resistant watches are not designed for prolonged and active use in water. what does 3 atm water resistant mean like on a watch? | Yahoo

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A range of methods are used to check the water-resistance of watches depending 3 bar water-resistant to 30 m yes no no. 5 bar water-resistant to 50 m yes yes yes means that the watch's water-resistance is ensured over a longer time. About Apple Watch water resistance - Apple Support Oct 18, 2019 Learn about water resistance on your Apple Watch and what to do if your On Apple Watch Series 3 and newer, measurements from the  Technical Perspective: A Tale Of Two ISOs, Or What Water Nov 28, 2017 We talked a bit about what this particular ISO means in a roundabout way in a Rolex water resistance batch testing at Rolex Geneva. with both an air and water overpressure test to a minimum of 3 bar water resistance;. at sea level and I don't think that the assembly rooms are pressurised to one ATM. Explaining What Watch Water Resistance Ratings Mean - Ask May 24, 2014 200 meters but not ISO-certified means that it shouldn't be used for diving? The first, ISO 2281 Horology – Water-resistant watches defines the water to 30M or 3ATM, but this depends a little on the manufacturer as well.

Dec 8, 2017 Three atmospheres is a pressure of almost 45 psi. It means that the device, usually a watch worn at the wrist, is water or weather tight to a 

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Aug 25, 2017 The JUST Watch is water resistant to 3ATM and comes with a full two-year warranty. Indiegogo campaign 14 days. Http://goo.gl/Yviu5j 

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